Kristin J. Moore 

Certified Professional Recovery Coach + Intervention Specialist

I'm on a mission to help with addiction recovery.

My mission in life is to empower those seeking change from self limiting patterns and behaviours that no longer serve them. Through new tools, insights, and actions, the foundations are built to start creating the life you want.

Six values


I believe in holistic collaborative coaching and interventions.  In coaching, collaboration supports the facilitation of conscious growth, authentic interactions, and aligned action for the client.  In interventions, an invitational style of intervention depends on family-based collaboration to improve the chances of a loved one accepting treatment.



When I see another’s suffering, I am moved to ease it. Compassion is what drives me as a recovery coach and interventionist. Showing compassion to yourself or your addicted loved one will significantly improve everyone’s recovery process.



I am an emotionally intelligent influencer that engages through empowerment.  One of my greatest skills is being able to see things that others may not and connect the dots. I do this to bring awareness to the client or the family and empower them to move forward.


Addiction is a disease, not a choice. I take pride in getting to know who my clients are beyond their substance dependency and treat them with the utmost respect and professionalism.



Executives, professionals and business owners with active addictions or in early recovery have inherently complex cases and big spheres of influence. I adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct and confidentially to maintain their privacy so they stay focused on their recovery.



I am a person in long term recovery, coaching those in recovery and have observed the challenges those still in untreated addiction face. I have been a close family member of someone in active addiction.  I know first had the denial, fear, shame and guilt.  This allows me to connect with clients at any stage and provide guidance that resonates with them.


Kristin J. Moore
Certified Professional Recovery Coach and Intervention Specialist

I am a Calgary-based Certified Professional Recovery Coach and Intervention Specialist. Through my company Shift Recovery Solutions, I specialize in recovery coaching and addiction intervention services for professionals, executives, business owners, their families and colleagues. As a former healthcare executive, I know the specific pressures business owners and their families face when trying to address substance dependency issues.

Recovery Services

Maintain your sobriety and rediscover who you are.

Recovery Coaching provides strengths-based support for individuals with addictions who are done with substances and want a new path, or those that are out of treatment and returning to daily life.  As your recovery coach, I help you set healthy boundaries, build resilience, set goals, and manage triggers to prevent relapse.  Drawing on your strengths and building new ones, you learn how to overcome difficulties and move forward in recovery.

This is ideal for executives in early recovery returning to work who are concerned with relapsing. Being able to reach out to someone they trust without having a physical presence beside them helps build autonomy, preserves privacy and makes integration back into the workplace easier.

Addiction & Recovery Resources

Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) - Addiction and Mental Illness Index – Get informed with clear reliable information about addiction and mental illness. A great resource to find out more about various types of addiction and substance use disorders.
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Do you know about…alcohol? Alcohol is a depressant drug that can slow down the parts of the brain that affect thinking, behaviour, breathing and heart rate. Facts around this drug and additional information.
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Workplace stress and it’s role in substance abuse. Interesting article from the Globe and Mail.
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Why do people start taking opioids and why can’t they stop? Through interviews with users and experts, the New York Times created a visual representation of how these drugs can hijack the brain.
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Overcoming drug addiction: Developing a drug addiction isn’t a character flaw or a sign of weakness, and recovery is never out of reach, no matter how hopeless your situation seems.
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Gabor Mate has done ground-breaking work around trauma and addiction. In an excerpt from “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction”, he talks about what drives people to take drugs, and how our society is slowly acknowledging that a change is needed to shift from shame to empathy.
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Success Stories


After multiple relapses in my nephew’s recovery, we began researching different resources for his sobriety. During this process, we were introduced to Kristin at Shift Recovery Solutions and we liked what we heard about the case management and family recovery solutions that she offered. My nephew began working with Kristin to develop a personalized plan that complimented the existing recovery program that he was already involved in but had some gaps. Working together, Kristin and my nephew added new elements to his program such as working with a psychologist to examine issues outside of substance abuse, writing journals with daily reflections and gratitude’s, adding sober link to help build trust and accountability, setting goals, setting boundaries, managing triggers, developing a daily personal routine and a monthly family calendar. During this period, the family became more engaged and educated on addiction and recovery so they too could address their own needs and work together to build a healthier family environment. With Kristin’s guidance the family worked on setting boundaries and identifying meaningful consequences. Kristin definitely played a positive role in strengthening the foundation around working toward successful sobriety for my nephew.

Jane B.

I was lucky enough to get in touch with Kristin when my family and I felt at such a loss over what to do for my mom. We knew we had to do something to intervene but didn’t know where to start. From the very beginning Kristin made us all feel so comfortable and she had the knowledge and guidance that we needed. Kristin took the time to understand how we all felt and to understand the struggles my mom was facing .  She helped us come up with a plan for the intervention so we all felt as comfortable as we could and knew exactly what our roles were . Kristin guided us all with our letters and made sure to inform us of all possible outcomes that we could face with the intervention. Thank you to Kristin’s knowledge of the recovery and rehab facilities she was able to open a lot of doors. She knew we didn’t have a very big budget but was still able to help open a door to one of the best facilities in Calgary for my mom. Unfortunately, my mom chose not to take the help that was offered to her. Even though we wish she did and are truly saddened by her declining health we are still so thankful for Kristin. We knew this was a possibility, we knew she could refuse to go however, we were given all the information and resources we needed from Kristin to forward and heal ourselves, as a family and individually.

I can’t say enough good about Kristin and her kind heart, you truly touched our family and we will never forget everything you’ve done for us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Vanessa P + Family

Kristin was instrumental in guiding me through a process of re-discovery and self-discovery as I pivoted from a corporate career to one focused on serving others.  Within a few short weeks, Kristin helped me identify my core values, my beliefs, and my competencies.  She supported me as I considered my options.   Kristin encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and to take risks, knowing the benefit I would find in doing so. Kristin helped me to set goals that were challenging but realistic; she kept me accountable. She was able to provide needed and constructive feedback.   As a result of her coaching, I was able to see my potential, and with the strategies she offered, I was provided with a roadmap to pivot career paths.  Kristin is a highly skilled executive leader and I am so very grateful for the coaching I received.

Thank you!

Laura J.

Kristin at Shift Recovery has been a solid source of support during my journey of recovery. She is invested, dependable, and a respected expert in the field of addiction. Her professional approach, her compassion, and her steady guidance have been a perfect combination to keep me moving forward in sobriety!


I owe my chance at recovery to the fact that my family and friends did for me what I was incapable of doing for myself.  I was the last person I would have thought needed an intervention, but after coming home from treatment I realize the second chance that I have been given and have a newfound hope in my life that I would not have had if Shift had not supported my family, and subsequently me through a compassionate intervention and recovery coaching. I am a very grateful alcoholic / addict enjoying life in sobriety.  


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A person can’t heal as long as they are deflecting and blaming. One must accept responsibility for their own actions and make the shift necessary for growth.
- Sanjo Jendayi


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